Vala 0.9.7 released

A small update was released today that fixes a regression introduced with previous version. In case you use 0.9.6 already, update is very recommended.

As always, see homepage for further details and download.


Vala 0.9.6 release

a new versione of the Vala programming language has been released. This version contains some bugfixes and the beginning of the codegen refactoring which will lead to lots of bugfixes in the next releases.

  • Drop deprecated support for assigning to construct properties.
  • Some refactoring in the code generator.
  • Bug fixes in bindings and vapigen.
As always, download and more information at the homepage.


Vala 0.9.5 released

another version of the Vala programming language has been released. The homepage has been reorganized and some content has been added for planning and bug triaging. Release notes:
  • Add version suffix to support parallel installation.
  • Define VALA_X_Y according to compiler version.
  • Enable version header by default.
  • Add vala.m4 with VALA_CHECK_PACKAGES macro.
  • Add gedit-2.20 bindings (Andrea Del Signore).
  • Add tokyocabinet bindings (Evan Nemerson).
  • Various improvements to the Dova profile.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates.
More information at the download page.


Puzzled by locking in Vala?

If you can't wrap your head around how Vala locks variables, take a look at this great article about locking in Vala by Jim Nelson.
Apart from explaining how it actually works, he also compares it to Java, which is perfect if you come from that strange world :).