Vala 0.12.0 released

a new stable release of the Vala programming language has been released. The version 0.12.0 is now out and branched, therefore the new development series will be 0.13.

Changes since 0.11.7

  • Add get_next_char to string class.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Changes since 0.10.4

  • Add last_index_of, last_index_of_char, get_next_char, index_of, index_of_char, char_count to string class.
  • Add parse and try_parse methods to boolean and numeric types.
  • Add clutter-gtk-1.0, pixmap-1 bindings.
  • Refactoring in the code generator.
  • Improvements to the .gir writer.
  • Support BusName sender parameter in GDBus servers.
  • Update libnotify bindings to 0.7.0.
  • Improvements to the .gir reader.
  • Require and target GLib >= 2.16.
  • Guard access to out parameters to allow null arguments.
  • Add support for local constants.
  • Support file descriptor passing with GDBus.
  • Support cached property values in GDBus clients.
  • Support Cancellable parameter in GDBus clients.
  • Support no-reply methods in GDBus clients and servers.
I'd like to anticipate that the first 0.13.0 version will completely drop the dbus-glib support in favor of gdbus (migrating guide for C).

Stay tuned for the next stable and development releases.