Vala 0.21.1 released

This is the first 0.21.x develeopment release of the Vala programming language. It includes several bug fixes and enhancements.
The changes since Vala 0.20.1 follows:


  • Support \uXXXX escape sequences.
  • Support specifying vfunc order in interfaces to define ABI.
  • Support GTK+ widget templates.
  • Bug fixes and binding updates.
For a primer on how to use GTK+ widget templates, please see: http://blogs.gnome.org/tvb/2013/05/29/composite-templates-lands-in-vala/
The above tutorial is not up-to-date but it's a good starting point.

About specifying vfunc order, it's done with [CCode (ordering = x)] where x is the desired position of the method in the vtable. Either none or all of the virtual functions must have an ordering.