Vala 0.15.0 released

The development snapshot version 0.15.0 of the Vala programming language has been released. All the bugs fixes shipped with 0.14.1 have been included in 0.15.0 plus other fixes and enhancements.


  • Manage memory of GQueue elements.
  • Switch atk bindings to .gir.
  • Switch gdk-pixbuf-2.0 bindings to .gir.
  • Switch gdk-3.0 bindings to .gir.
  • Add libwnck-3.0 bindings.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates. 
Most notably this release fixes the memory management with GLib.Queue. If you were using this data structure, the change will fix several memory leaks.

More information and download at the Vala homepage.