Vala 0.27.1 released

The new development version 0.27.1 of the Vala programming language contains a lot of enhancements and bug fixes.

Release notes are the following:


  • Print compiler messages in color.
  • Add clutter-gdk-1.0 bindings.
  • Add clutter-gst-3.0 bindings.
  • Add clutter-x11-1.0 bindings.
  • Add rest-extras-0.7 bindings.
  • Bug fixes and binding updates.
However I'd like to tell more:
  • The compiler now checks for unknown attributes.
  • More checks in the compiler about invalid semantics.
  • Now XOR works with boolean, like bitwise OR and AND
  • A new attribute [ConcreteAccessor], mostly used for bindings. It's common that in C interface properties have concrete accessors instead of abstract accessors. Before this, you had [NoAccessorMethod] on top of such properties.
  • Sometimes the "type" property is used in projects but Vala could not support it. Now if the bindings have [NoAccessorMethod] you can use it.
  • We now infer generics recursively in method calls, so less typing for you.
  • And more.
Have fun.