Post Vala 0.8.1 update

thanks to Jiří Zárevúcký for giving me the permission to write to this blog, this is my first post.

It's been at least a month since 0.8.1 has been released, and Vala is growing day by day. I'd like to share some news that will be available in the next release:
  • New regex literals
  • New libesmtp, mx-1.0, rest-extras and orc-0.4 bindings.
  • Improvements for sqlite3, alsa, libgdata and gstreamer-0.10 bindings
  • rest bindings renamed to rest-0.6
  • Several bug fixes for the compiler (especially for arrays, async and delegates), bindings and lots of other vapigen and vala-gen-introspect improvements.
  • Gtkdoc support for Valadoc.
  • And more...
Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds great!

    How will the regex literals look like?

  2. Much like perl ones:
    if (/vala/.match ("vala")) { message ("Match!"); }
    Same for substitution s/.../.../ and all other supported by the Regex class. The literal mainly creates a Regex instance at runtime.

  3. Good to see someone is picking this back up. Seemed like a good way to keep track of the goings on in Vala.

  4. Regex literals are already there in 0.8.1. The next release adds a fix when you have several regex literals in multiple files.