Vala 0.9.3 released and documentation news

this 0.9.3 release of the Vala programming language adds many interesting features as well as many bug fixes and binding improvements. Also I'd like to point you out to the new collaborative Vala Reference Manual and Hackers' Guide to Vala. The release notes:
  • Support newlines in double quoted string literals.
  • Add experimental support for main blocks.
  • Add experimental vala tool to compile and run code.
  • Initial support for generic delegates.
  • Support using GClosure for delegate parameters.
  • Support GBoxed-based memory management.
  • Improvements to the .gir reader and writer.
  • Various improvements to the Dova profile.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates.
Check out the Vala home for more information and download.


  1. Great!
    Can you give an example for what is main block support?
    And what is GBoxed-based memory management?

  2. Main block is simply implicit main() as seen in the previous post.

    GBoxed memory management is about g_boxed_copy and g_boxed_free, mostly used for binding glib structures.