Vala 0.10.0 released

Actually, there are two announcements today.
Let's start with the interesting one,

Vala 0.10.0 has just been released!

download at: http://download.gnome.org/sources/vala/0.10/

Changes since 0.9.8 include
* Port GIR parser and writer to GIR version 1.2.
* Update GLib bindings to 2.26 branch.
* Bug fixes.

That's it. Nothing too fancy for this round release, so you'll enjoy it mainly if you are interested in bindings or a bug that affects you has been fixed.
Also, if you didn't know already, you probably just noticed that 1.0 is not next in line. That's right and I don't think we should expect it anytime soon. There's still so much to do, you know.

Let's get to the other announcement then, no less important..
Blogger SUCKS!
No, seriously, should we switch to wordpress or some other blog hosting? Actually, the first ever comment on this blog was a request that we move there. I didn't pay much attention back then. So what do you think? What is your experience?


  1. And, by the way, I also enabled comments for anonymous users.

  2. I have this to say about Blogger…

    If you ever decide to customize the template for this blog, save some time: move to Wordpress, learn Klingon, write your theme with emacs and test it in IE6.

    You'll still be ahead, and you'll know Klingon, too.

  3. I'd recommend Tumblr + Disqus

    Wordpress is a piece of crap (at least, under the hood)

  4. Latest releases of wordpress just suck more guys, don't be ingenuous only because it's free software. There's no need to move away for the sake to do it: always have a GOOD reason for moving otherwise it will be a fail.

  5. Luca: Very true. The reason I brought this up is that the post editor blogger has is next to unusable (at least for me). I didn't evaluate anything else (yet), so I have no idea what other reasons to move/not move there may be. Tumblr claims to have some sort of twitter and facebug integration, which would be very nice. What do you think? Should we at least evaluate alternatives, or would it be more trouble than it's worth?

  6. Yes the editor sucks, in fact I write normal with WYSIWYG and then use html for formatting. I'm pretty sure other editors are better, but I'm not sure it's worth moving the blog (hence all the followers) once you get used to this sucky editor.
    The fact is that we neither write long stories nor embed images. We just copy&paste from l.g.o/Vala/Release (and WYSIWYG does this right) and then write some other plain text comments.

  7. Any other vala related comments? :-)

    Seriously now. I thought after 0.9.9 there will be 1.0! Where we are now then?

  8. Yeah, i'm interested in bindings, what's new about this ?
    I've been trying to update the bindings of clutter library and get's nothing so far.
    vala-gen-introspect it's giving me and error and aborting.
    Any thoughts ?

    Thxs anyway !!!