Vala 0.11.0 released

after Vala 0.10.0 a new development series has begun with new features and changes. Vala 0.10 will continue to be updated when necessary. So these are the release notes of this new release:
  • Use byte indices for strings. Accessing strings by index is now based on bytes, no more on characters. This is an important change for applications relying on character indices for unicode strings.
  • Use uint8[] for binary data in bindings.
  • Add support for parallel compilation. To take advantage of this feature it is suggested to make use of parvala, distributed together with vala under the contrib/parvala directory.
  • Improve compiler performance.
  • More refactoring in the code generator.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates.
As usual more information and downloads at Vala homepage.

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