Vala 0.11.1 release

this is a new release of the development series of the Vala programming language. As you can see a lot of improvement on the side of GDbus has been made. Also notice the resolution of the out parameters nightmare, guarded access is provided automatically by Vala so you don't need to check whether the out parameter is null or not.


  • Require and target GLib >= 2.16.

  • Guard access to out parameters to allow null arguments.
  • Add support for local constants.
  • Support file descriptor passing with GDBus.
  • Support cached property values in GDBus clients.
  • Support Cancellable parameter in GDBus clients.
  • Support no-reply methods in GDBus clients and servers.
  • More refactoring in the code generator.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates.
As usual, more information and download at the Vala homepage.


  1. Which version is advisable for new projs ?

  2. Always better use latest vala version, even better use git master version. You have to sync often with latest vala but on the other side many bugs get fixed and you get many improvements.