Vala 0.18.0 + GTK 3.4.2 for Win32

This is an update of the unofficial build of the Vala programming language for Win32 kindly contributed by tarnyko. His announcement is as follows:

I come back to announce a bundle for Vala 0.18.0 and GTK+ 3.4.2 on Windows. for Vala 0.18.0 and GTK+ 3.4.2 on Windows.
Download link here :
or here :
(A helpful being told me that my formers installers had the bad habit of emptying the PATH variable if it was longer than 1023 characters: http://www.tarnyko.net/en/?q=comment/307#comment-307. It is now fixed for all installers ; please re-download them just in case.)

News for ValaWinPKG users
  • The repos for Vala 0.16.0 and 0.18.0 are finally up !
  • There are some packages regressions:
    • FreeGLUT VAPI doesn't seem to work with Vala > 0.12.0. Needs some fixes from its original maintainer;
    • Poppler doesn't work anymore, should apparently be updated. Will do this when I have time.
    • There is a new package: LibUSB.
  • If you want to use these new repos, you should really update ValaWinPKG before (http://www.tarnyko.net/en/?q=node/12). Sorry, but it's the last time it should be necessary.
  • The new version of ValaWinPKG allows you to have multiple Vala installations and maintain their packages separately. See this tutorial (http://www.tarnyko.net/en/?q=node/14) for more info.


  1. Just discovered this bundle, thank you so much for putting the effort into this (especially ValaWinPKG)! Hadn't even realised GTK+3 was working on Windows already! Downloading now :)

  2. hello
    i have some question
    why vala dosent have method overloading?
    and why it doesnt have #define, #undef, #region, #endregion, #line?
    and alot of things...
    can you please say whats vala plan in the future?
    and does vala want to take c++ situation?
    i hope vala will have all c# features(at least all c++ features)
    thank inn avdance;)

    1. > why vala dosent have method overloading?
      Vala translates to plain GObject/C, and there's no overloading mechanism in GObject/C.

      > why it doesnt have #define, #undef, #region, #endregion, #line
      You can #define with valac -D.
      The #line is Log.LINE . Compile with valac -g to have valac lines.
      It's intentional that there are a reduced number of preprocessing directives.

      > and does vala want to take c++ situation?
      There is some wip in a branch of Vala made by me, but nothing more than a PoC. There's no real plan for C++. The target of Vala is GObject/C, nothing else.

      > i hope vala will have all c# features(at least all c++ features)
      No it can't, it's a different language, just with similar syntax.

    2. thank you for your quick answer .
      i have somw questions about ide that vala.genome said they support vala
      like monodevelope and netbeans.
      i download them and instaled but i cant see any select for vala to make my programm.
      can you please help me?

    3. Can't help you sorry, I'm using emacs without any special vala support.