Vala 0.19.0 released

A new development version of the Vala programming language has been released.


  • Support scope = "async" attribute for parameters.
  • Add --api-version option.
  • Add atspi-2 bindings.
  • Add gstreamer-rtsp-server-1.0 bindings.
  • Bug fixes and binding updates. 
It must be noted that the new scope = "async" attribute is implemented only for bindings and not for Vala-written code. The scope = "async" is used with delegates without GDestroyNotify, and it specifies that the delegate will be called only once. So Vala will automatically take care of ref'ing the user data when passing the delegate, and unref'ing it after the delegate has been called.


  1. Hello, can you tell me if Genie's development is still alive? I loved the language, i think it's a huge step forward(having the best of the two worlds(python's easy syntax + compiled performance), but i am facing some problems and there's no enough documentation to help.
    Give me some hope that this great language has not gone away... :(

  2. Genie didn't see any change since Sep 15 2012. I wouldn't say it's dead because it has sporadic updates, but it's a little behind.
    Genie basically consists only of 3 files, a lexer and a parser especially readable by anyone. So whoever wants to contribute to Genie development shouldn't have hard times.

  3. Thanks for the infos.