Issue #2; the week after

Ah, so it's a week already! The time sure flies by.

First of all, I'd like to say I'm reaaaally disappointed that there have been no comments since last Tuesday. Not to say that I haven't seen a single response regarding undecided features of the language!
If you like Vala, please go back to the first issue and skim over the "proposed features" and "opinions needed" parts. No bugzilla account? Doesn't matter, simply comment here or (if necessary) start a discussion on the mailing list. I'd hate having to do all that myself.

Since the Thursday release the waters of Vala are quite calm. Two git commit, no mind-numbing IRC discussions as far as I can tell. Though a very interesting article about Vala has been posted in the GNOME Journal (actually, until then I didn't know there is a GNOME Journal; otherwise I wouldn't choose such a ripoff name for this one :).

As all mailing-list subscribers already know, new version of Vala Toys for gEdit has been released today. Thank you so much! I'm not fan of bloated heavy-weight IDEs, so this really made my day. gEdit for president, huh?

Just today, sejerpz mentioned on the IRC that he's made a working port of GObject to Windows CE! I'm not too fond of the system, but I have to say that it's great news anyway. My dream of having Vala apps running on every thinkable piece of hardware is one step closer to reality.

Okay, so either I've forgotten any other noteworthy piece of information, or this is all there is to say today. As always, suggestions welcome.

By the way, I want to write up some definitive guide explaining delegates, signals, lambdas and closures in detail (down to the implementation specifics) and with a lot of examples. The same for async later. Any suggestions? Or do you think it is not necessary and that it is all well explained elsewhere?

------- GIT activity in the last week -------

Before the release:

7df67279Do not check unexpected errors if there is a general catch clause (bug 608553)
79e7b46dDo not check unexpected errors within finally blocks
e7314db8Include string.h when using strcmp
9aa7997eFix symbol resolving in enums
7d7b02d0Fix crash on invalid field initializer (bug 595725)
2ae8cd15GAsync: Support async callback from closure (bug 608184)
e3a8480fFix symbol resolving for base types of structs (bug 607955)
0fffc0e8D-Bus: Fix crash on properties without set accessors
09583398Use intermediate variables to initialize static structs (bug 608250)
dc68bd9aFix GIR writing to only add lines for API dependencies

39d3c4d3glib-2.0: Include stdlib.h when using abs function family
ea914d14linux: bind mount(2) and friends as well as the rest of net/if.h, net/route.h
7887af51dbus-glib-1: Fix type id of BusName
01438cc7dbus-glib-1: Fix marshalling of ObjectPath
8586c7e1posix: bind struct sockaddr_in
9a987307libsoup-2.4: nullability fixes for Soup.MessageHeaders methods (bug 604907)

After the release:

3587d178Fix crash when opening file fails (bug 606837)
75008bd5Do not use string.replace


  1. "My dream of having Vala apps running on every thinkable piece of hardware is one step closer to reality."

    Me too :) , specially small devices like microcontrollers (PICs, AVRs, etc.)

  2. Wonder if this would be a good place for polls on new Vala features... Just to see what the general impression is among the wee folk too timid to post messages... ;)

    Oh, and Vala on an AVR...? It's my dream to start playing with those again some day. That must be a dream to a dreamth power...

  3. Hi,

    is it possible to allow commenting on this blog without a Google/LiveJournal/WordPress/TypePad/AIM/OpenID account?

  4. 2 fredderic:

    I think polls might be a good idea. I'll try to add some later today ;)

    2 Stephen:

    Sure it is possible, but doesn't everyone have an OpenID account somewhere?

    I don't want to allow posting for people, who are so embarrassed by their own post that they don't want others to connect them with a name.
    I like being able to connect comments with names.

  5. Please don't only write your own tutorial. Instead complete the specification and documentation of vala, which is quite incomplete. That would be awesome.

  6. Yes, I would love that "delegates,signals, lambdas and closures" tutorial. Vala is a very good language for opportunistic programmers, but that kind of programmers need tutorials and good documentation..

  7. Well, I love Vala. But I have decided to wait for 1.0 as there are simply too many bugs. Especially under Windows. (GNOME under Windows sucks anyway...)

  8. I would love to see a tutorial like that. I agree that it would be great to reach it from the main Vala site though.

    Do not get discouraged so quickly with the lack of comments. This is the first time that I have seen this site. I am sure many more will not see it for the first time until you post many more times (despite their interest in Vala).

    Good luck!