Issue #3

I apologize for being late with this one. The flu season has finally caught up with me, so I wasn't in a very good shape for writing long texts.

As I have found out recently, it's pointless to post a verbatim list of changes in git, since you can all see it at http://git.gnome.org/browse/vala/log. That means I'll just stick to stuff I find noteworthy, which will be a challenge since my memory sucks.

Alternatively, since I moved this to a blog, I can very well treat it as a blog and simply write about interesting things ad-hoc, instead of trying to summarize them once a week. That would be a lot better, I suppose. What do you think?

Anyway, there have been a lot of fixes again.
Among others, some threading-related functions have been added to the MainLoop bindings. Good for those of you who want to use async functions within threads. Also libpurple bindings have been added.

It is now possible to use the "in" operator with arrays, which is quite nice I think.
Somewhat related is that it's now possible to use a different iterator style, I quote: "If the iterator object has a .next_value() function that returns a nullable type then we iterate by calling this function until it returns null". This can be useful for containers that can't contain null value.

Some might also find interesting that "likely" and "unlikely" functions have been added to the GLib bindings, binding G_LIKELY and G_UNLIKELY macros. Along with that, "static_assert" was added for G_STATIC_ASSERT, which I find utterly useless in Vala as it would cause a GCC error.

Well, that's all for today. Have a good time hacking (in) Vala. ;)

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