Let there be light

So, a few days back, I started with an idea of a periodic summary of what is going on around the Vala programming language, mainly for those subscribed to the mailing list who are not that much interested in bugzilla.

The original idea was to write it weekly and post it on the Vala mailing list. However, a few people asked me whether I shouldn't use some more public location instead.

That is actually a very good idea, for several reasons:
  • not everyone interested in Vala is subscribed to the list
  • even when they are, they probably don't read all the messages
  • making the journal blog-based will give me much more flexibility
As you might have guessed, this blog is the answer to those questions. What I am unsure about at the moment is whether to post messages to the list as well, or just a link, or not at all.
The obvious benefit of posting *something* to the list is that various issues noted in the journal can be discussed on the mailing list in a single thread. Doing that using comments on a blog would suck.

For now I'll simply re-post the first issue and see what happens. :)

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  1. Hi. Could you move this to Wordpress, blogspot is pretty bad. I like this though. Bye.