Valadoc.org is back online

After an unplanned "extended downtime", our lovely documentation site is back to its former glory.

Well, almost. Since the wiki style that allowed us to improve documentation was making the site incredibly slow, all pages are now static.

The site is now fast and the database is to be uploaded to a git repository as XML files, so changes will still be possible. It will be possible to download it and use locally, which is very nice.


  1. "It will be possible to download it and use locally, which is very nice." That's really nice1

  2. How can I download it? Thank you in advance.

  3. flo said he wants to upload the files to Vala's git repository during the next few days.

  4. Jiří,

    You may find it interesting that I have been developing a Rhythmbox plugin in Vala. I regularly blog about my development progress here: http://tiyukquellmalz.org/blogs/blog7.php

    If you would like to include any shameless plugs for rbpitch in an upcoming Vala Journal post, that would be greatly appreciated. The code needs testing from end users, review from Rhythmbox's maintainers, review from distro packagers and/or GUI design experts, and code review from anyone who knows Vala well.

    I am hoping to eventually get this pulled into Rhythmbox master, but for that, it needs to be quite good. It's still a long way from "quite good", I think. But to get there, it needs exposure. I tried posting on the Rhythmbox ML and on the Ubuntu forums, but only a handful of people have looked at the code or compiled it yet.

  5. allquixotic: Sure thing. Thanks for letting me know.