Vala 0.7.10 Released!

Well, I'm a little late with this, but I guess you all already know.

This release is perhaps a bit different in that the timing has a very specific reason, which is the upcoming FOSDEM. Still, the amount of fixes since the last release is impressive. When you ask bugzilla, you'll see almost one hundred bugs fixed. That's very nice!
Everyone applaud to people who risk their hands and keyboards typing patches. :)

The official release notes are as follows:
  • Support coalescing operator ??.
  • Support to_string and bitwise complement with enums.
  • Return handler id when connecting signal handlers.
  • Support struct comparison.
  • Support constructor chaining in structs.
  • Enforce protected member restrictions.
  • Improve performance of flow analysis.
  • Support automatic line continuations in Genie.
  • Improvements to the .gir reader and writer.
  • Add --enable-mem-profiler commandline option.
  • Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Not so many surprises. Some of those I've already noted in the first issue of the Vala Journal, with the corresponding bug numbers.
By the way, the regressions I have noted are already fixed, though there is not as much activity from you regarding open questions.

What I find particularly interesting is the improved performance of flow analysis. Not so much because of it's benefits, but because I didn't really notice. Perhaps it's just me and my system, but compared to the time gcc consumes, I don't notice valac that much. Maybe I just need a faster C compiler. :) Does anyone have a different experience here?

On the other hand, automatic line continuations in Genie sound like an awesome enhancement for everyone using it. Too bad I don't use Genie (I get a rash from Python-like languages, nothing personal).

Well, and then there is the memory profiler support, which is great, though there seem to be problems when combined with multithreading. See bug 607973.

Big amount of various small fixes and improved bindings were committed as well, which is not that surprising. Not too much to be concerned about unless the particular bug affected you (in which case you probably know already).

Ah! And valadoc.org is still offline, but hopefully, weekend will change that.

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